RED HEN STRINGBAND: Birds of a Feather

Red Hen: Birds of a Feather

      RED HEN STRINGBAND Birds Of A Feather Wepecket Island 016   Red Hen Stringband is a very special aggregation of master musicians. At first they appear as an old-time stringband with fiddle, banjo and all, but one listen will indicate that we’re dealing with something … → read more

TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON: Steamboat In A Cornfield

Truckstop Honeymoon: Steamboat In A Cornfield

          TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON Steamboat In A Cornfield Squirrel 1056   Vocalists, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Katie Euliss and Mike West borrowed the title of their latest project from a true-to-life children’s book by the late folk, country and bluegrass composer John Hartford (it’s also the basis … → read more

MacPherson’s Rant – A western from an Auld Country

Imagine if you can a rich landowner surveying his lands. He has a small band of his men with him. He looks around his land with pride knowing that everything he can see is his. As he stands there he slowly becomes aware of the sounds of bagpipes coming towards … → read more

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Stepping It Out Again!

Various: Stepping It Out Again!

          VARIOUS ARTISTS Stepping It Out Again! Veteran 10\   Veteran’s established itself as very much a label of the people, documenting the songs, music and stories performed by ordinary people. You won’t find any stars here, or even any recognisable names, but they’re not … → read more

MONICA DA SILVA: Brasilissima

Monica Da Silva: Brasilissima

          MONICA DA SILVA Brasilissima Socialite Fiasco Music   The second album from Brazilian vocalist da Silva (who has long lived in the US), continues and develops the unalloyed joy of her debut. She mixes up sophisticated Brazilian pop (known as MPB) with some silky … → read more

I remember it as just a short time ago

The Tragedy, Pablo Picasso One of the things that I happily now spend less time explaining when I describe this blog to someone for the first time, is that our primary purpose is to discuss the creation of meaning through music, not to discuss murder.  That the music draws from … → read more

VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Descendants Soundtrack

Various: The Descendants Soundtrack

          VARIOUS ARTISTS The Descendants Soundtrack Sony Classical 88697984562   There have been hundreds of Hollywood movies set in Hawaii, from Elvis’s “Blue Hawaii” to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” The one thing they all have in common is a total disregard for the state’s indigenous musical … → read more


Stanley Greenthal: First Song

          STANLEY GREENTHAL First Song Stanley Greenthal 1006   Stanley Greenthal is a talented multi-instrumentalist from the Northwest of the U.S. First Song, his fifth recording, features original songs with instrumentals from Scotland, Brittany, Crete, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey. With such an international flavor the … → read more


Einar Olav Larsen Trio: Lysblain

        EINAR OLAV LARSEN TRIO Lysblåin Etnisk Musikklubb 84   Fiddler Einar Olav Larsen is probably best known as part of the Norwegian-Finnish band Frigg. But here, in company with pianist Daniel Rossing Trustrup (who has worked with Chuck Berry) and bassist Audun Larsen, he … → read more

Crying for water: an interview with Michael Lewis

The Men that Man the Life Boat by John Morgan Michael Lewis was kind enough to spend some time with us for a phone interview about his song “Nantucket Sleighride/The Essex,” which we introduced in the previous post, and also include below.  How does a tale like that of The … → read more