CATH and PHIL TYLER: The Song-Crowned King

Cath and Phil Crowned King

          CATH and PHIL TYLER The Song-Crowned King Ferrid Modrant 9   This beautifully spare new release from the American-British duo (based in England) has been a long time promised, but even with only six tracks, it backs more powerful punches that albums three times … → read more

MONOSWEZI: Monoswezi Yanga

Monoswezi Yanga

          MONOSWEZI Monoswezi Yanga Tugboat 1090   The second release from Monoswezi builds on their impressive debut. With a sound built on the unlikely twin foundations of Zimbabwean mbira (thumb piano) and Scandinavian jazz. Fronted by vocalist and mbira player Hope Masike, the material is … → read more


        BOBAN & MARKO MARKOVIC ORCHESTRA Gipsy Manifesto Piranha Musik 2753   When you’re the best brass band in the world, what is there new to do? Innovate, of course, and that’s exactly what Markovic father and son (perhaps more the son) have done here. Having … → read more

JUURI & JUURI: Pelimannit

        JUURI & JUURI Pelimannit Aania 23   After a decade together, Finnish musicians Eero Grundström (Harmonium, harmonica, voice) and Emilia Lajunen (5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, voice) have finally made an album. Well, not one album, but two. The band name, which translates to ‘Root & Root’ … → read more

THE JOHN LANGAN BAND: Bones of Contention

John Langan Band: Bones of Contention

          THE JOHN LANGAN BAND Bones of Contention The John Langan Band   For an acoustic three-piece, the John Langan Band manage to make a rock group’s worth of noise. There’s guitar/percussion, fiddle and double bass (and flute thrown in somewhere), with plenty of fleet, … → read more


Monseiur Doumani- Grippy Grappa

          MONSIEUR DOUMANI Grippy Grappa Monsieur Doumani   Straight outta Nicosia, Cyprus, the trio of Monsieur Doumani are three young men on a mission to revitalise Cypriot folk music. Their first release, last year’s Cyfolk, saw them tackling eight traditional pieces. This full-length has 11 … → read more