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The Best of 2017, Part Three
Episode #18-03 | airing 01-17-18

This week we complete our three-part program featuring the best music from 2017. This time it’s bluegrass and blues, with fiddles and banjos from Molly Tuttle, Noam Pikelny, Old Salt Union and many more. And on the blues side we'll ...

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The Best of 2017, Part Two
Episode #18-02 | airing 01-10-18

This week we continue with our survey of the best music from 2017 with a program featuring Celtic music and songwriters. We’ll hear music from Aine Minogue, Usher’s Island, Calan and many more. We’ll also listen to some great singer-songwriters ...

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The Butcher Boy / The Railroad Boy

Introduction: "It's the butcher boy I love so well ..." The title of today's song suggests a narrative consistent with the stereotype of violent misogyny in our genre of choice.  Strictly speaking, this time that could lead to some inaccurate assumptions.  ...

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The Best of 2017, Part One
Episode #18-01 | airing 01-03-18

This week we begin to listen to some of the best new music from 2017. It's been an unusually strong year, and this week we’ll focus on traditional based music from the UK and the US. We'll feature Windborne, Offa ...

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Happy New Year!
Episode #17-52 | airing 12-27-17

For this week’s show we welcome in the New Year with songs about the holiday, reflection … and a few dance tunes to help with the celebration. We'll hear music from John McCutcheon, Robin Greenstein, Zoe Mulford and Herdman Hills ...

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Episode #17-51 | airing 12-20-17

This week we welcome Winter with music from Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, Joel Mabus, The Early Mays, Bill Hearne, Ryanhood and Jay Ungar and Molly Mason and many more. Winter is here … this week on The Sing ...

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Video of the Week

The great Irish singer, songwriter and activist Tommy Sands sent along a video to a powerful, new song that he says came to him by "mail and telepathy, from friends from across the sea ... still dreaming of what yet can be." What our "racist in chief" and his often selfish and always ignorant followers seem to not get, is that what makes America great is the stew of many flavors that comprise our citizenry, and our society's ability to forge strength from the distillation of the different strengths and experiences we bring together. We may be stuck with the stain of Trump's presidency for a while ... but it's time to rise up in song and to find the better angels of our nature.