Folkfinds: Cadence and Nathan’s “Canmore”

Cadence and Nathan

Picking up from last week’s family act thread, folkfinds this week directs your attention to Edmonton, Canada brother-sister band Cadence & Nathan. Each writes and sings; their work has the intimacy you’d expect of a family band, balanced with a catchy folk-pop feel and enhanced by low-key acoustic full-band arrangements. … → read more

Folkfinds: Rob Clamp’s “The Prime of Miss Jean Allan”

Rob Clamp

We’ve visited the UK’s thriving old-time scene before, but for our first trip to Scotland we visit multi-instrumentalist Rob Clamp. Rob focuses his musical attentions on his Scottish and American heritage. His original ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Allan,’ written for his grandmother, is a lovely and straightforward waltz which … → read more

Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife

My favorite memories of being a parent involve the days when nothing happens. When we’re just laying around doing nothing but basking in each other’s joy and love. – Patterson Hood I don’t believe sorry is strong enough. None of this was necessary. – Ricky Javon Gray My post today … → read more

Digging for Clues in the Fatal Flower Garden

“Fatal Flower Garden,” recorded in 1929 by Nelstone’s Hawaiians, is only the second of eighty-four songs on Harry Smith’s epochal Anthology of American Folk Music – a collection justly celebrated in some macabre corners (mine, for instance) for its songs of dark, outré subject matter and tone (e.g., Clarence Ashley’s … → read more

LUCINDA WILLIAMS: Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone

            LUCINDA WILLIAMS Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone Highway 20   After Lucinda’s decades of songs of dead-end men, some fans feared that a good marriage would smooth her bone-lean writing’s jagged edges. Fortunately, that didn’t happen … though this two-CD, 20-song … → read more

DOM FLEMONS: Prospect Hill

          Dom Flemons Prospect Hill Music Maker Foundation   The Carolina Chocolate Drops have been a brilliant beacon of American music from the beginning. Over time they have expanded their purview from early black string band music, a form largely ignored until they shone their … → read more

THE QUIET AMERICAN: Songs From A Rocking Chair

The Quiet American Songs From A Rocking Chair Aaron Keim Among the many duos plying Americana waters these days, The Quiet American may rank as the old-timiest of all. Aaron and Nicole Keim have left Boulder for the Pacific Northwest to raise a family and make music, art and … → read more

THE CARPER FAMILY: Old-Fashioned Gal

          The Carper Family Old-Fashioned Gal The Americana Agency   The CD’s title is perfect because there’s an old-fashioned feel to their rootsy songs, ranging from upbeat swing to classic country to take-no-prisoners bluegrass, all expertly played by this Austin-based trio: Melissa Carper (bass, vocals), … → read more