How Legends Are Made: Stan Rogers, “The Flowers of Bermuda,” and Air Canada Flight 797

Written in the spring of 1978 by the Canadian singer-songwriter Stan Rogers, “The Flowers of Bermuda” is a disaster ballad on a small scale, telling the story of a ship that founders with nineteen people aboard. We’ve looked at shipwreck songs before at Murder Ballad Monday, especially in this post from … → read more

Folkfinds: Cadence and Nathan’s “Canmore”

Cadence and Nathan

Picking up from last week’s family act thread, folkfinds this week directs your attention to Edmonton, Canada brother-sister band Cadence & Nathan. Each writes and sings; their work has the intimacy you’d expect of a family band, balanced with a catchy folk-pop feel and enhanced by low-key acoustic full-band arrangements. … → read more


          Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville Les Vents Qui Ventent Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville   To say that the second album from Québécois power-trio Le Bruit Court Dans La Ville (loosely translates as “The Word Around Town”) has been a long-anticipated event … → read more

JAMES KEELAGHAN: History: The First 25 Years

          JAMES KEELAGHAN History: The First 25 Years Borealis 222   Describing Saskatchewan-bred James Keelaghan as a “singer-songwriter” is woefully inadequate. For the past quarter century, Keelaghan has been an artisan carefully crafting and burnishing narratives, melodies, memories and inspirations into something sublime. His songs … → read more