JAYME STONE’S Lomax Project

JaymeStone: Lomax Proj

          JAYME STONE and friends Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project Borealis 235 www.borealisrecords.com   There is a recording of John Hartford in the studio giving direction to the musicians he’s gathered there. Whatever the song they were prepping – it may have been “Madison Tennessee” – he … → read more

JAMES KEELAGHAN: History: The First 25 Years

          JAMES KEELAGHAN History: The First 25 Years Borealis 222 www.borealisrecords.com   Describing Saskatchewan-bred James Keelaghan as a “singer-songwriter” is woefully inadequate. For the past quarter century, Keelaghan has been an artisan carefully crafting and burnishing narratives, melodies, memories and inspirations into something sublime. His songs … → read more


Michael Jerome Browne: The Road is Dark

          MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE The Road is Dark Borealis 209 www.borealisrecords.com>   While Michael Jerome Browne plays a variety of roots styles (from Appalachian traditional music to RnB) and just about any instrument with strings, blues has been the dominant genre in his repertoire, much of … → read more