HILARY DIRLAM: Tunes From Here and There

Hilary Dirlam Songs From Here and There

          HILARY DIRLAM Tunes From Here and There Self-Released www.hilarydirlam.com   Hilary Dirlam first visited Nepal, in 1993, to further her understanding of Buddhist practice. One of the impressions that most stayed with her from the trip was the similarity between the street music of Sarangi … → read more

ANNA & ELIZABETH: Anna and Elizabeth

Anna and Elizabeth

          ANNA & ELIZABETH Anna and Elizabeth Free Dirt Records www.freedirtrecords.com   Multi-instrumentalist and singer Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Appalachian singer Elisabeth LaPrelle have combined to produce a beautifully crafted collection of songs of sorrow, survival and redemption. “Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow” shows off their fine vocal … → read more

Folkfinds: Helber Sisters’ “Where The Old Red River Flows”

Helber Sisters

If you’ve been reading Sing Out!’s Facebook page or website, you know we continue to emphasize our historic focus of bringing people together through song. This week’s folkfinds pick nods to Community Sings with a pick from The Helber Sisters. Family is the original community, and Vicki and Alice Helber … → read more

MARTHA REDBONE ROOTS PROJECT: The Garden of Love: Songs of William Blake

Martha Redbone Roots Project: The Garden of Love

            MARTHA REDBONE ROOTS PROJECT The Garden of Love: Songs of William Blake Blackfeet Productions 93001 www.martharedbone.com/   With the knife guitar slashes’ ominous undertones that open this disc, we know that long-ago London’s bard, artist and mystic William Blake (1757-1827) might have found a … → read more


Michael Jerome Browne: The Road is Dark

          MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE The Road is Dark Borealis 209 www.borealisrecords.com>   While Michael Jerome Browne plays a variety of roots styles (from Appalachian traditional music to RnB) and just about any instrument with strings, blues has been the dominant genre in his repertoire, much of … → read more

EMILY PINKERTON: Ends of the Earth

Emily Pinkerton: Ends of the Earth

          EMILY PINKERTON Ends of the Earth Green Jeans 003 www.emilypinkerton.com   At first, the thought of blending the music of Appalachia and the Peruvian Andes seems unlikely, but Pinkerton, who was coincidently born in Valparaiso, Indiana, does just that on this collection. The instruments are … → read more

CHEYENNE BROWN: Parallel Latitudes

Cheyenne Brown: Parallel Latitudes

          CHEYENNE BROWN Parallel Latitudes Bird Creek 001 www.cheyenneharp.com   Cheyenne Brown is Alaskan by birth but she has spent the last nine years in Scotland where she has studied the harp and won numerous awards. Parallel Latitudes is a cycle of tunes ranging from the … → read more