HILARY DIRLAM: Tunes From Here and There

Hilary Dirlam Songs From Here and There

          HILARY DIRLAM Tunes From Here and There Self-Released www.hilarydirlam.com   Hilary Dirlam first visited Nepal, in 1993, to further her understanding of Buddhist practice. One of the impressions that most stayed with her from the trip was the similarity between the street music of Sarangi … → read more


Orpheus Supertones: Going To Town

            ORPHEUS SUPERTONES Going To Town Mudthumper 0022 www.mudthumper.com   The old-time music revival is in its seventh decade. In that time we have encountered revivalist bands that kept to the tradition, multidimensional outfits that brought musical styles from all around into their music. We’ve … → read more