Sing Out! Publications

Sing Out! has a long history with songbooks. Going back to our early days at the dawn of the folk music revival (read: 1950s) we shared office space, and often staff, with both Folkways Recordings and Oak Publications, probably the foremost folk music publisher of the period. So as we were re-emerging in the early 1980s, looking for additional programs to nestle under our non-profit umbrella, the idea of publishing songbooks that furthered our mission seemed obvious.

As luck would have it, the first idea that crossed our plate was a proposal from Peter Blood and Annie Patterson to produce a “folk music fakebook” for group singing that would encourage folks to make music together. That book became Rise Up Singing, probably the best selling songbook of all time!

You can use the links below to order books and recordings in our Rise Up Singing “line” as well as Pete Seeger’s musical autobiography Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Songwriting and the Creative Process, and our Collected Reprints Vol. 1-6. More to come!