Roger Deitz’s 15 Years of RagTag



Finally! – from ace music journalist Roger Deitz (tagged by Billy Edd Wheeler as “The Shakespeare of Sing Out! columnists”) comes 15 Years of RagTag, collecting 56 RagTags published between 1995 (when the column started) and 2010. All the pieces are presented just as they were in the magazine, including the terrific original illustrations by Ed Courrier (Sing Out!’s art director during those years). It could be said that this is a book so bold it dares to blow the lid off the contemporary acoustic music scene … but what is for sure is that this is fifteen years of great humor writing, containing a few of folk’s dirty little secrets and a tomato crate of commentary and chuckles. It’s a primer for teaching you everything you need to know about the lighter (and darker) side of folk music matters. Think Thurber with a guitar.

“Roger! … Thanks for your column – every issue I turn to it first.
Please keep on thru the decades.” — Pete Seeger

Roger continues his column, both in the magazine and online here at Check it out!

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