NORMAN BLAKE: Wood Wire and Words

Norman Blake Wood Wire and Words

          NORMAN BLAKE Wood Wire and Words Plectrafone   Blake opens this album with “Savanna Rag,” a loose, syncopated instrumental that shows off his low key fingerpicking virtuosity. Descending bass runs and meandering flurries of mid-range improvisations give the tune a bright, buoyant feel. His … → read more


Asleep at the Wheel: Still The King

          Asleep At The Wheel Still the King Bismeaux   Asleep at the Wheel moved from Paw Paw, West Virginia to Berkeley, CA, in the early 1970s at the suggestion of Commander Cody. Like Cody, The Wheel combined rock with swing and country music, leaning … → read more


Eatin At Me

          GURF MORLIX Eatin’ At Me Rootball   Gurf Morlix won mainstream recognition during his time as Lucinda Williams’ guitar player, musical director and producer. After they had a falling out over the band’s musical direction, Morlix moved on and became a freelance producer. Since … → read more

VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Descendants Soundtrack

Various: The Descendants Soundtrack

          VARIOUS ARTISTS The Descendants Soundtrack Sony Classical 88697984562   There have been hundreds of Hollywood movies set in Hawaii, from Elvis’s “Blue Hawaii” to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” The one thing they all have in common is a total disregard for the state’s indigenous musical … → read more

EMILY PINKERTON: Ends of the Earth

Emily Pinkerton: Ends of the Earth

          EMILY PINKERTON Ends of the Earth Green Jeans 003   At first, the thought of blending the music of Appalachia and the Peruvian Andes seems unlikely, but Pinkerton, who was coincidently born in Valparaiso, Indiana, does just that on this collection. The instruments are … → read more