Sing Me a Story, Pt. 2
Episode #17-49 | airing 12-06-17

This week we conclude our two-part feature “Sing Me a Story,” focusing on singers and songwriters who tell wonderful stories in their songs. We’ll hear tales from the North Woods with Brian Miller & Randy Goza, A classic song from James Keelaghan, some great English story-songs from Martin & Eliza … → read more

JAMES KEELAGHAN: History: The First 25 Years

          JAMES KEELAGHAN History: The First 25 Years Borealis 222   Describing Saskatchewan-bred James Keelaghan as a “singer-songwriter” is woefully inadequate. For the past quarter century, Keelaghan has been an artisan carefully crafting and burnishing narratives, melodies, memories and inspirations into something sublime. His songs … → read more

I remember it as just a short time ago

The Tragedy, Pablo Picasso One of the things that I happily now spend less time explaining when I describe this blog to someone for the first time, is that our primary purpose is to discuss the creation of meaning through music, not to discuss murder.  That the music draws from … → read more


Another year has come and gone. I’m beginning to set my calendar to coincide with the Old Songs Festival. The event has become my annual booster shot that reminds of why “folk” music is so important – the festival displays the music and the artists while informing us of where … → read more