Einar Olav Larsen Trio: Lysblain

        EINAR OLAV LARSEN TRIO Lysblåin Etnisk Musikklubb 84 www.emcd.no einarolavlarsen.no/   Fiddler Einar Olav Larsen is probably best known as part of the Norwegian-Finnish band Frigg. But here, in company with pianist Daniel Rossing Trustrup (who has worked with Chuck Berry) and bassist Audun Larsen, he … → read more


Arne Anderdal: Godsruta

        ARNE ANDERDAL Godsruta: Tradisjonmusik frå Hallingdal og Hemsedal Etnisk Musikklubb 81 www.etniskmusikklubb.no   Norwegian Arne Anderdal has played the Hardanger fiddle (like a normal fiddle but with four sympathetic drone strings) and investigated the music of the Hallingdal and Memesdal regions for much of his life. … → read more

NORDIC FIDDLERS BLOC: Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

Nordic Fiddlers Bloc: Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

        NORDIC FIDDLERS BLOC Nordic Fiddlers Bloc Etnisk Musikklub 98 www.emcd.no     The fiddle trio might not take in all the Nordic countries, but with members from Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Isles – which was long ago settled by Vikings, even if it is Scottish … → read more