Folkfinds: John Daniel Lane’s “Walk Along John to Kansas”

Midwestern fiddler John Daniel Lane takes a panoramic high-definition view of American fiddle music and clearly enjoys experimenting with different styles. There’s a distinct and acknowledged John Hartford influence to his playing and repertoire, but he’s as likely to be playing Irish, Scandinavian, or hyperlocal Missouri styles and tributes to … → read more


Kirsten Allstaff Gallowglass

          KIRSTEN ALLSTAFF Gallowglass Self   Flautist Kirsten Allstaff was raised in Scotland and now lives in Ireland, where she co-founded the Online Irish Academy of Music. She honors her pan-Celtic perspective with a new project appropriately titled Gallowglass – the name of Scottish mercenaries … → read more

ANNA FALKENAU: Féileacán na Saoirse

AnnaFalkenau: FeileacannaSaoi

          ANNA FALKENAU Féileacán na Saoirse Scroll Music 1401   The Irish-to-English translation of Anna Falkenau’s solo fiddle album is, roughly, “Butterfly of Freedom,” an apt descriptor. It reminds me of Kevin Burke projects in the ways in which tunes are freed by putting composition … → read more

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Stepping It Out Again!

Various: Stepping It Out Again!

          VARIOUS ARTISTS Stepping It Out Again! Veteran 10\   Veteran’s established itself as very much a label of the people, documenting the songs, music and stories performed by ordinary people. You won’t find any stars here, or even any recognisable names, but they’re not … → read more