Podcast: Not For Kids Only
Episode #16-33 | airing 8-17-16

It’s been really warm here in the Northeast with humidity levels higher than usual during the Summer. I have noted a distinct decrease in the number of kids coming out to play in these sultry days. I can recall that by this time in the Summer I was bored with … → read more

Podcast: Batter Up!
Episode #16-10 | airing 3-09-16


Well it’s that time of year again. With the start of Spring Training, just saying it makes me smile, we are once again assured that Winter is on the run and even better yet our favorite baseball team still has a shot at greatness-the regular season hasn’t started yet. Baseball … → read more

Who Killed…Cock Robin?

“I, said the Sparrow, with my bow and arrow” Introduction There are at least two things I’m not going to do in today’s post. There are at least two things I am going to do. The first thing I am not going to do is to spend a lot of … → read more

He smiled to see her cry

Richard Thompson. Esq., OBE A Songwriter’s Songwriter You’ll likely note that I’ve been reluctant to dive too deeply into a close reading or textual analysis of RT’s four-verse wonder (I’m still a little intrigued that in the video I linked in the first post this week Thompson miscounts the number … → read more