Podcast: Not For Kids Only
Episode #16-33 | airing 8-17-16

It’s been really warm here in the Northeast with humidity levels higher than usual during the Summer. I have noted a distinct decrease in the number of kids coming out to play in these sultry days. I can recall that by this time in the Summer I was bored with … → read more


Bonnie Raitt photo by Marina Chavez It was written on the walls and windowshades Paul Siebel Mark Erelli and Jeffrey Foucault‘s album Seven Curses leads my list of favorite murder ballad albums. It’s not terribly traditional. Oddly enough, it’s not even especially grim. Erelli and Foucault’s selections are primarily 20th century … → read more

Upcoming Folk Festivals: Mid-May

View of crowd at Philadelphia Folk Festival

Some great folk music and arts festivals happening this weekend, be sure to check out what’s going on in your local community! If you have any info about local events or some pictures you’d like to share, ! Sing Out! provides an international listing of folk music festivals and camps, … → read more