A girl could feel special

“Red Hair and Black Leather” One of the things that Pat explored with “Matty Groves” is how such a brutal song managed to endure as a folk favorite down through the ages, partly through it’s ability to provide a compelling narrative to both male and female singers and listeners.  I … → read more

He smiled to see her cry

Richard Thompson. Esq., OBE A Songwriter’s Songwriter You’ll likely note that I’ve been reluctant to dive too deeply into a close reading or textual analysis of RT’s four-verse wonder (I’m still a little intrigued that in the video I linked in the first post this week Thompson miscounts the number … → read more

Down to Knoxville?

Red Molly and Tenbrooks So, how does a late 20th century English-style ballad about death and motorcycles become the 2002 International Bluegrass Music Association Song of the Year?  This is how.  Dick Bowden, a friend of Del McCoury and his son. Ronnie McCoury, came across the song on a radio … → read more