Podcast: Sing Out! Some Great Singalongs
Episode #17-34 | airing 8-23-17

When I was a kid my family loved to sing. My Sister had a lovely soprano voice and my Dad sang all these out dated silly songs that at the time embarrassed me. Now I’d give anything to hear him sing again. This week on the Sing Out! Radio Magazine, … → read more

“When I Go” – Conversations with Death 8

Dave Carter (photo by Dan Betenbender, courtesy of Tracy Grammer)

“Sometimes you wake with the feeling tone of a dream. You stay with it. There’s something there for you if you keep listening. It’s a good idea to let your dream and waking world co-exist. From the dream you get affect and image, and then you try to learn what … → read more

Podcast: Batter Up!
Episode #16-10 | airing 3-09-16


Well it’s that time of year again. With the start of Spring Training, just saying it makes me smile, we are once again assured that Winter is on the run and even better yet our favorite baseball team still has a shot at greatness-the regular season hasn’t started yet. Baseball … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-11: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
(airing the week starting 3-11-15)

Each Spring brings the beginning of the Baseball Season. After the severe winter we’ve had in the Northeast, Spring Training is particularly welcome this year. Including songs by John McCutcheon, Craig Bickhardt, Chuck McCabe and of course Steve Goodman, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1511_podcast.mp3 To … → read more

A girl could feel special

“Red Hair and Black Leather” One of the things that Pat explored with “Matty Groves” is how such a brutal song managed to endure as a folk favorite down through the ages, partly through it’s ability to provide a compelling narrative to both male and female singers and listeners.  I … → read more