Murder Ballads by Anthony Ladesich

Anthony Ladesich by Jill Toyoshiba, The Kansas City Star Read more here: As I pointed out in my first post this week, Anthony Ladesich is not only a filmmaker but as musician as well.  And it turns out, he likes to write – or, perhaps more accurately – often … → read more

“Two Sisters” at the Movies, with Anthony Ladesich

When is a murder ballad high art?  Certainly when filmmaker and musician Anthony Ladesich and his creative compatriots get hold of it. Ladesich was kind enough to speak with me at length about a wonderful film project that he brought to fruition in 2011 with the help of a highly … → read more

Sometimes she sank, sometimes she swam…

Found Drowned – George Frederick Watts, 1867 All right folks.  I promised after five separate posts over six months concerning the ballad “Two Sisters” (aka Child 10, aka Roud 8, aka…) that this time I’d have something meaningful to say about it. Let me link first to the other posts … → read more

Two Sisters Redux – Part 2

detail from Twa Sisters – quilt by Dan Willig So, as I introduced in my first post this week, I’m trying to add some depth and variety to my first series of entries from six months ago on the ballad known as Child 10, “Two Sisters”, “Wind and Rain”, etc.  You can find … → read more

Two Sisters Redux – Part 1

detail from Twa Sisters – quilt by Dan Willig Six months ago, my first post for this blog dealt with the ancient murder ballad “Two Sisters“, also known as “Wind and Rain” as well as several other names.  I’m happy with the work I did then, but as with any first attempt … → read more

I’ll be true unto my love…

When I was linking the lyrics for Clannad’s version of “Two Sisters” for this week’s main post, I was stumped when I saw the refrain on several sites listed as “the boys are born for me”.  I’d always heard it as “the boys are bound for me”.  So I asked … → read more

Two Sisters / Wind and Rain

“Girl by Stream” Charles Van Shaick ca. 1880 This week finds us in new waters – sibling rivalry. Ok, ok, I know.  One thing to love about murder ballads is that we can’t dismiss the violence with simple explanations or psychobabble.  These songs are just too good for that.  They … → read more