Podcast: Welcome Winter!
Episode #16-51 | airing 12-21-16

This week on The Sing Out Radio Magazine we welcome Winter with Solstice tunes from Magpie and Jesse Palidofsky, Winter tunes from Peter Ostroushko and The Claire Lynch Band and a set of Celtic songs welcoming in the Darkest Season. Next week we welcome the New Year with songs written … → read more

Podcast: Jazz Folk
Episode #16-04 | airing 1-27-16

On our last program we listened to jazz players and composers who have used folk music as the foundation for their own music. This week we turn the tables and listen to some folk music performers who play music from the jazz idiom. Included will be Claudia Schmidt, Billy Novick … → read more

Guitarist John Renbourn Passes

Thurday, March 26th, brought the sad news that John Renbourn, the legendary guitarist and Pentangle founder, had died from an apparent heart attack at his home in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Renbourn was 70 years old. These words from fellow musician Jay Ansill: In 1978, I bought a copy … → read more

Folkfinds: The Hare and the Moon’s “Long Lankin”

The UK’s experimental duo The Hare and The Moon calls its music ‘spook folk,’ and as it’s October already we figure it’s a good time to highlight their page. The descriptor is certainly accurate as their music is clearly traditional or traditional-derived, yet ethereal and infused with ominous and foreboding … → read more

Who Weeps for the House Carpenter?

This is the second post on Child 243.  Read the first post here. The short answer is “nobody.”  Nobody weeps for the house carpenter.  In our last post, we saw how artists through the years molded and shaped the original song that is now “The Demon Lover” and “House Carpenter.” … → read more

Two Sisters Redux – Part 1

detail from Twa Sisters – quilt by Dan Willig Six months ago, my first post for this blog dealt with the ancient murder ballad “Two Sisters“, also known as “Wind and Rain” as well as several other names.  I’m happy with the work I did then, but as with any first attempt … → read more

Firm Foundations

“Omie Wise” has been with us a long time, and been “folk processed” in a number of different directions.  That it is still with us is evidence of its power to move and affect the singer and the listener.  That there are quite a few professional recordings of it by … → read more


From their formation in 1967 to the breakup of the original lineup in 1972, Pentangle was one of the most influential groups of the British folk-rock movement. The original lineup featuring guitarists Bert Jansch and John Renbourn will be re-united with singer Jacqui McShee, drummer Terry Cox and bassist Danny … → read more