Ron’s Favorites of 2017

Before 2017 becomes a distant image in the rear view mirror, I would like to share my ten favorite recordings from last year. Although 2018 is brand new, I am beginning to receive CDs and files — the first one arriving on January 2! I’ve also had the honor to … → read more

TRADITIONS playlist #17-52

Airing on Tuesday December 26, 2017 from 10pm-1am and Saturday December 30, 2017 from 6:30-9:30pm A two hour edited version was re-broadcast on Sunday December 30, 2017 on WFDU-FM With the year coming to a close, I shared my 10 favorite folk recordings from 2017. To read more about … → read more

Happy New Year!
Episode #17-52 | airing 12-27-17

For this week’s show we welcome in the New Year with songs about the holiday, reflection … and a few dance tunes to help with the celebration. We’ll hear music from John McCutcheon, Robin Greenstein, Zoe Mulford and Herdman Hills & Mangsen. Cut a rug to Foot-Notes, Pat Spaeth, Vivian … → read more

Episode #17-51 | airing 12-20-17

This week we welcome Winter with music from Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, Joel Mabus, The Early Mays, Bill Hearne, Ryanhood and Jay Ungar and Molly Mason and many more. Winter is here … this week on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine. LISTEN: To subscribe via iTunes, click . … → read more

Sing Me a Story, Pt. 1
Episode #17-48 | airing 11-29-17

This week we begin a two-part feature called “Sing Me a Story.” Stories are a an important part of the holiday season, and this week we’ll listen to some of the finest singers and songwriters that tell wonderful stories with their songs. You’ll hear Joel Mabus, Stan Rogers, Woody Guthrie, … → read more

Podcast: Election Day
Episode #16-44 | airing 11-02-16

Well the end is almost upon us. It’s been a harrowing 600 plus days of campaigning and this week’s program is dedicated to election day. There has been so much childish rancor on both sides that the issues that really matter to the American People have been ignored. This week … → read more

Podcast: Boo! Music For The Haunting Season
Episode #16-43 | airing 10-27-16

Bluegrass Ghost by Terry Irwin

This week we celebrate music for the Haunting Season of Halloween. Some songs and tunes have a deep spiritual significance and others are just for fun. We’ll feature ancient melodies and classic tunes as well as a Native American story about the supernatural and a selection from the Sacred Harp. … → read more

Podcast: Jazz Folk
Episode #16-04 | airing 1-27-16

On our last program we listened to jazz players and composers who have used folk music as the foundation for their own music. This week we turn the tables and listen to some folk music performers who play music from the jazz idiom. Included will be Claudia Schmidt, Billy Novick … → read more

Podcast: Halloween Spooktacular
Episode #15-44 | airing 10-28-15

Bluegrass Ghost by Terry Irwin

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a combination of the Autumnal weather and the brilliant colors but also sinister songs of the supernatural intertwined with tradition are very appealing. We’ll hear classics from Archie Fisher, Anne Hills and Tim O’Brien along with some new music for the season … → read more

Podcast: Name That Tune
Episode #15-38 | airing 9-16-15

Bert Jansch

I am very fond of music that pushes the envelope, that is I enjoy when musicians leave their comfort zone and take their music in new directions. This week’s program is entitled Name That Tune and features players who are not afraid to try new and exciting things. The program … → read more