SIMON and GARFUNKEL: The Complete Albums Collection

Simon and Garfunkel Complete Albums

          SIMON and GARFUNKEL The Complete Albums Collection Legacy   Folk rockers Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, both born in 1941, grew up three blocks from each other in the Forest Hills suburb of Queens, New York. By the mid-’60s, along with the likes of … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-14: Tie Dyed Folk, Part 1
(airing the week starting 4-01-15)

Pops Orchestra play Simon and Garfunkel

Around 1967 the recordings in the folk music sections of record stores began to have quite a different appearance. Influenced by the psychedelic movement on the West Coast new artists began to appear. Tim Buckley, Joni Mitchell and established artists like Simon & Garfunkel began to change the musical palate. … → read more

PAUL SIMON: Over The Bridge of Time

          PAUL SIMON Over The Bridge of Time Legacy Records   There’s no point to a conversation about the past six decades of songwriting if Paul Simon’s name isn’t invoked. His has been a decidedly angelic voice of poetry, wonderment, and explorations of the human … → read more