I ain’t gonna be treated this way… “Rain and Snow,” Part 2

As we found out in the introductory post this week, “Cold Rain and Snow”, which most folks know as a staple in the Grateful Dead’s repertoire, is an American ballad written by an unknown author after a man murdered his wife in Madison County, North Carolina a decade or two … → read more

I wish the wars were all over…

Before the Battle aka Lady Affixing a Pennant to a Knight’s Spear – Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal, 1858 We started this week on Memorial Day with a great ballad from the Civil War that works in some ways like a murder ballad; “Two Soldiers” aka “The Last Fierce Charge”.  I’ll not … → read more

Firm Foundations

“Omie Wise” has been with us a long time, and been “folk processed” in a number of different directions.  That it is still with us is evidence of its power to move and affect the singer and the listener.  That there are quite a few professional recordings of it by … → read more