CLANNAD: The Essential

          CLANNAD The Essential RCA/Legacy   The word “essential” can refer to something that is absolutely necessary, its deepest essence, or even both at once. Whether or not this two-disc collection satisfies either definition is very much a matter of individual taste. Clannad began in … → read more

Bow and Balance to Me

Ok, let’s bring this one on home. In the introductory post for the week, we learned that Child 10, the ballad commonly known as “Two Sisters“, is in fact quite old, with Scandinavian roots stretching back perhaps a thousand years.  We saw great diversity among the versions we listened to, … → read more

Two Sisters / Wind and Rain

“Girl by Stream” Charles Van Shaick ca. 1880 This week finds us in new waters – sibling rivalry. Ok, ok, I know.  One thing to love about murder ballads is that we can’t dismiss the violence with simple explanations or psychobabble.  These songs are just too good for that.  They … → read more