CLANNAD: The Essential

          CLANNAD The Essential RCA/Legacy   The word “essential” can refer to something that is absolutely necessary, its deepest essence, or even both at once. Whether or not this two-disc collection satisfies either definition is very much a matter of individual taste. Clannad began in … → read more

AFRICANDO: Viva Africando

          AFRICANDO Viva Africando Sterns 1120   In late 1992, Senegalese producer Ibrahima Sylla (the man behind Syllart Records) arrived in New York City. He was accompanied by Boncana Maïga, a Malian flautist/arranger who had lived in Cuba for 12 years, and three noted West … → read more

KENNEDY’S KITCHEN: Birds Upon The Trees

          KENNEDY’S KITCHEN Birds Upon The Trees Kennedy’s Kitchen   Based in South Bend, Indiana, this family-based acoustic outfit is fronted by singer-guitarist joHn (Spell-check is going berserk, but yes, that’s how he wants it) Kennedy and includes two of his highly talented nephews, Liam … → read more

TOMMY SANDS: Arising From the Troubles

Tommy Sands: Arising From The Troubles

          TOMMY SANDS Arising From The Troubles Elm Grove Music   The profession of troubadour-peacemaker is a noble one, and nowhere has it proved more challenging, and at long last rewarding, than in Northern Ireland, where Catholic and Protestant children can now attend “mixed” schools … → read more