Pat Wictor’s Vision of Phil Ochs

One of the most remarkable recordings that crossed my threshold in recent months is Pat Wictor’s This Is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs. Keeping himself busy as a member of Brother Sun, it has been eight years since Pat last released a solo recording. As the trio … → read more

TRADITIONS playlist for March 12, 2017

A busy and fun show with two guests this week. Pat Wictor joined me to discuss his new CD This is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs. The songs Pat chose show the diversity and depth of Phil Och’s songwriting, and the innovative settings showcase the immense talents … → read more

Richard Polenberg: HEAR MY SAD STORY ….

                  Richard Polenberg HEAR MY SAD STORY: The True Tales That Inspired Stagolee, John Henry, and Other Traditional American Folksongs Cornell University Press 978-0-5017-0002-6   In 1966 Phil Ochs remarked, “Before the days of television and mass media, the folksinger was … → read more

DAVE VAN RONK: Live In Monterey | Hear Me Howl

             DAVE VAN RONK Live In Monterey Omnivore 83             DAVE VAN RONK Hear Me Howl Rock Beat 3284 On Amazon   The charismatic “Mayor of MacDougal Street,” otherwise known as the avuncular, musical genre-spanning genius Dave Van Ronk, … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-10: Finger Pointin’ Songs, pt. 2
(airing the week starting 3-04-15)

This week we conclude our two part feature focusing on Topical Songs. We’ll hear songs about Human Rights, The Environment, The Never Ending War and Politics with a Comical View. Songs written or performed by The Freedom Singers, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon and Phil Ochs you may be surprised at … → read more

Outside of a Small Circle of Friends

Phil Ochs (1940-1976) Bystanders If you’ve taken a Psych 101 class in the last 40 or 50 years, you’ve probably heard of the Kitty Genovese murder, and the “bystander effect.” The bystander effect theory says that the greater the number of witnesses to a crime, the less likely people are … → read more

Who Killed…Davey Moore?

Boxer Davey Moore, immediately after the March 21, 1963 fight with Sugar Ramos, beforecollapsing into a coma and dying 75 hours later. “I did not want to hurt Moore. In the ring the fighters are partners. They put on the match. Not to hurt or kill, but to show skill … → read more

Sing Me Back Home

Merle Haggard‘s 1968 hit, “Sing Me Back Home” gives us three chords and the truth about compassion and the power of music. In it, we hear forgiveness and reconciliation, but with an unwavering certainty of outcome. There is clinging to life, but an acceptance of death. It is about the … → read more

Songs of Freedom Summer

“Those Three Are On My Mind” was one of several songs born out of the tragic killings in Neshoba County, Mississippi in the summer of 1964.  It’s hard for me to say whether it’s the best known, but was the first one I heard. In some respects, this kind of … → read more