NERFA 2015

Ron’s Thoughts on the 2015 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference and WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlists for November 29 & December 13, 2015 My radio programs for November 29 and December 10 were filled with exciting new music that I picked up at the 21st annual Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA) … → read more

I Hung My Head – Implements of Destruction, Pt. 4

This is Part 4 of our series Implements of Destruction.  Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 when you get a chance! Introduction – “With time to kill…” Ken established our Implements of Destruction series with posts considering three songs that, in three different ways, centered on a handgun … → read more

Autobiography of a Pistol – Implements of Destruction, pt. 2

I’m a pistol, a forty-five, Ellis Paul  (From Meadowbrook Pavilion website courtesy of Matt Callahan) I just shot two men in this hot-house dive.Now I’m smoking – burning hot barrel of metal. Believe it or not, I was bought by this guy named Ray, a card carrying member of the NRA,But he … → read more

Who Killed…John Lennon

John Lennon IntroductionIf you had asked me two days ago where I was when I learned that John Lennon was shot, I would have said, “watching Monday Night Football, like everybody else.” Now that I’ve gone back and reviewed TV coverage from that night, I realize that that is rather … → read more