“When I Go” – Conversations with Death 8

Dave Carter (photo by Dan Betenbender, courtesy of Tracy Grammer)

“Sometimes you wake with the feeling tone of a dream. You stay with it. There’s something there for you if you keep listening. It’s a good idea to let your dream and waking world co-exist. From the dream you get affect and image, and then you try to learn what … → read more

Conversations with Death – 2 – “So Says the Whippoorwill”

Richard Shindell The Lost Mountaineer I’m too attached to the legacy of dead musicians. The musicians who left us early in their lives are particularly compelling to me–Sam Cooke, Steve Goodman, Stan Rogers, Kate Wolf, Dave Carter. My personal list is surely longer. You will have your own list of … → read more

I Hung My Head – Implements of Destruction, Pt. 4

This is Part 4 of our series Implements of Destruction.  Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 when you get a chance! Introduction – “With time to kill…” Ken established our Implements of Destruction series with posts considering three songs that, in three different ways, centered on a handgun … → read more

41 Thunderer – Interview with Tracy Grammer

Tracy Grammer (uncredited photo from her web site) This our second post this week on Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer’s “41 Thunderer.” Read the first post here. Sometimes a pistol is just a pistol… As I mentioned in the previous post introducing “41 Thunderer” and the “Implements of Destruction” series … → read more

41 Thunderer — Implements of Destruction, Pt. 1

Colt Model 1877 DA revolver — “Thunderer“ in fair silver city on the blind side of fate i grew up to manhood on the narrow and straight Dave Carter in 2001 (photo by Jason Burkin) but prideful i stumbled, and foolish i fell in the silken fine trammels of a … → read more


Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer: Little Blue Egg

          DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER Little Blue Egg Red House 251 www.redhouserecords.com   If you encounter a list of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century and Dave Carter’s name not on it, walk away. Carter (1952-2002) was raised by an evangelical mother, rejected doctrinaire … → read more