The Devil’s Right Hand – Implements of Destruction, Pt. 3

“The Devil’s Right Hand” (artwork courtesy of Christopher Konecki ) Introduction After enjoying Pat’s excellent exposition of the Grateful Dead’s “China Doll,” I want to turn this week to the third song of the initial trio I envisioned to start out our occasional Implements of Destruction series. Today’s post will depend … → read more

Autobiography of a Pistol – Implements of Destruction, pt. 2

I’m a pistol, a forty-five, Ellis Paul  (From Meadowbrook Pavilion website courtesy of Matt Callahan) I just shot two men in this hot-house dive.Now I’m smoking – burning hot barrel of metal. Believe it or not, I was bought by this guy named Ray, a card carrying member of the NRA,But he … → read more

41 Thunderer – Interview with Tracy Grammer

Tracy Grammer (uncredited photo from her web site) This our second post this week on Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer’s “41 Thunderer.” Read the first post here. Sometimes a pistol is just a pistol… As I mentioned in the previous post introducing “41 Thunderer” and the “Implements of Destruction” series … → read more

41 Thunderer — Implements of Destruction, Pt. 1

Colt Model 1877 DA revolver — “Thunderer“ in fair silver city on the blind side of fate i grew up to manhood on the narrow and straight Dave Carter in 2001 (photo by Jason Burkin) but prideful i stumbled, and foolish i fell in the silken fine trammels of a … → read more