“When I Go” – Conversations with Death 8

Dave Carter (photo by Dan Betenbender, courtesy of Tracy Grammer)

“Sometimes you wake with the feeling tone of a dream. You stay with it. There’s something there for you if you keep listening. It’s a good idea to let your dream and waking world co-exist. From the dream you get affect and image, and then you try to learn what … → read more

Spoon River Murder Ballads

“At first I suspected something” Tucked in between covers of Bruce Springsteen’s “Johnny 99” and Norman Blake’s “Billy Gray” on Mark Erelli and Jeffrey Foucault’s excellent murder ballad compilation, Seven Curses, is the short, mysterious “Tom Merritt.” It is a song of suspicions, fleeting glimpses, and a final, fatal confrontation. I listened … → read more