Folkfinds: Helber Sisters’ “Where The Old Red River Flows”

Helber Sisters

If you’ve been reading Sing Out!’s Facebook page or website, you know we continue to emphasize our historic focus of bringing people together through song. This week’s folkfinds pick nods to Community Sings with a pick from The Helber Sisters. Family is the original community, and Vicki and Alice Helber … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-05: Pushing The Envelope, pt. 2
(airing the week starting 1-28-15)

This week we conclude our 2 part feature focusing on musicians who push the envelope taking their music to new places. We’ll hear selections from Renata Bratt, Leyla McCalla, Ooodoo, Ken Bloom and many more. Expand your sound palate with some great acoustic music. LISTEN: To subscribe via iTunes, … → read more

Ballads of the Mountain Meadow Massacre

In September of 1857, in a meadow about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City, a group of Mormon militiamen murdered 120 people. The victims were members of the Baker-Fancher wagon train, making their way from Arkansas to California. All adults in the emigrant party were massacred, along with 37 … → read more

“Trust” the Levins to Kickoff 2015 in Style

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for January 25, 2015 Not even a month old, 2015 has delivered several powerful new recordings from some of the folk communities guiding lights as well as talented new artists on the rise. I spent a significant portion of today’s broadcast sharing selections from CDs released during … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-04: Pushing The Envelope, pt. 1
(airing the week starting 1-21-15)

I love when artists take their music to new places. The next two programs feature musicians who stretch the tradition. We’ll hear music from Sam Amidon, Aonymous 4 with Darol Anger and Mike Marshall, Alison Brown and many more. Come by and stretch your ears. LISTEN: To subscribe via … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-03: Women of Old-Time, pt. 2
(airing the week starting 1-14-15)

This week we’ll hear some of the talented women who followed the paths blazed for them by the earlier generation of Old-Time players and singers featured in Part 1. In addition to individual performers we’ll hear bands that featured women musicians prominently and some players who have been influenced by … → read more


          COSY SHERIDAN Pretty Bird Waterbug 0116   With clear poetic lyrics and mostly-acoustic arrangements based around Cosy’s impeccable guitar work, it doesn’t get better than this. Her guitar and vocal were recorded live, a rare thing in this world of overdubbed blandness, and cradled … → read more

LUCINDA WILLIAMS: Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone

            LUCINDA WILLIAMS Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone Highway 20   After Lucinda’s decades of songs of dead-end men, some fans feared that a good marriage would smooth her bone-lean writing’s jagged edges. Fortunately, that didn’t happen … though this two-CD, 20-song … → read more


          VAL MINDEL and EMILY MILLER Close To Home Yodel Ay Hee 0085   Val Mindel and Emily Miller aren’t siblings like a lot of their close-harmony idols, but as mother and daughter they stay true to that family vibe. Close To Home is the … → read more


          JENI AND BILLY’S BIG PICNIC BAND Picnic In The Sky Waystation 003   In the early days of the recording industry much of what we today call folk, country, and old-time music was called “hillbilly” music. That’s because the hills and hollows of Appalachia … → read more