Summer Folk Festivals: August Edition

View of crowd at Philadelphia Folk Festival

Sing Out! provides an international listing of folk music festivals and camps, which can be found at Our listing is currently updated to feature festivals throughout the summer. Before making summer road trips, camping excursions, etc., be sure to check if there’s a festival near you! Folk music thrives … → read more

THE JOHN LANGAN BAND: Bones of Contention

John Langan Band: Bones of Contention

          THE JOHN LANGAN BAND Bones of Contention The John Langan Band   For an acoustic three-piece, the John Langan Band manage to make a rock group’s worth of noise. There’s guitar/percussion, fiddle and double bass (and flute thrown in somewhere), with plenty of fleet, … → read more

THE CHAPIN SISTERS: A Date With the Everly Brothers

          THE CHAPIN SISTERS A Date With the Everly Brothers Lake Bottom   When the roots of rock are considered, some five decades after the music’s arrival in the mid-1950s, the genre is generally seen as evolving from 1940s Black jump blues and rhythm and … → read more

TOMMY SANDS: Arising From the Troubles

Tommy Sands: Arising From The Troubles

          TOMMY SANDS Arising From The Troubles Elm Grove Music   The profession of troubadour-peacemaker is a noble one, and nowhere has it proved more challenging, and at long last rewarding, than in Northern Ireland, where Catholic and Protestant children can now attend “mixed” schools … → read more

RIP Kongar-ol Ondar

Kongar-ol Ondar

Sing Out! has learned that master Tuvan throat singer Kongar-ol Ondar has passed away from complications following emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage. He was 51 years old. Born in 1962 near the Khemchick River in Tuva, a region in southern Russia that is known for its unique throat singers … → read more

Chiwoniso Maraire Passes at 37


Chiwoniso Maraire, beloved Zimbabwean mbira player and singer of traditional Shona music has passed away at the very young age of 37, after a battle with lung infection. She was known best for her contemporary playing style and unique musical directions. Concrete details about her passing are scant, thought it … → read more