Podcast: The Cowboy Way
Episode #16-06 | airing 2-10-16

If you grew up in the 1950s as I did you were interested in Cowboys and the Old West. There were countless movies and television shows depicting the life in the West. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and others were a big part of your daily life as you strapped on … → read more

DAVE ELLIS: With Any Luck But Bad

Fred Ellis : With Any Luck But Bad

          DAVE ELLIS With Any Luck But Bad Little Village Foundation www.littlevillagefoundation.com   There’s a quiet authenticity to California-horse-country-bred Ellis’ relaxed, no-frills delivery of songs of the cowboy life. Almost anyone – a kid, a Hollywood actor – can sing a cowboy song. But like Ian … → read more

Katy Dear

Ian & Sylvia Tyson In this week’s second post, we’re going to give a relatively quick listen to “Katy Dear.” It’s in the same song family as “Silver Dagger,” although with a different focus and a more gruesome end. The key differences between the two are that “Katy Dear” is … → read more