Podcast: Solidarity Forever!
Episode #16-36 | airing 9-07-16

Folk Music has been allied with the Labor Movement for generations. This week on our program we’ll hear classic songs from such labor stalwarts as Aunt Molly Jackson, Emma’s Revolution, Si Kahn, John McCutcheon and many more including some surprises. LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1636_podcast.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To … → read more

Podcast: The Cowboy Way
Episode #16-06 | airing 2-10-16

If you grew up in the 1950s as I did you were interested in Cowboys and the Old West. There were countless movies and television shows depicting the life in the West. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and others were a big part of your daily life as you strapped on … → read more

Podcast: Texas
Episode #15-32 | airing 8-04-15

This week we take a trip to the Lonestar state. We’ll hear Tex-Mex songs, cowboy tunes and a handful more! LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1532_podcast.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . Artist / “Title” / CD / Label Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” … → read more

Life is no more, but we’re together

[This is the third post this week on Marty Robbins’s “El Paso.”  Read the first here, and the second here.] In today’s post, let’s give a listen to some of the Western material that Robbins created both at the time of “El Paso’s” initial release and after its enormous success … → read more