Podcast: Dylan at 75
Episode #16-24 | airing 6-15-16

Bob Dylan celebrated his 75th birthday on May 24th. This week’s program celebrates Bob and features some great covers of his tunes and some rare recordings of Bob as artist and sideman. We’ll hear classic songs from Ian & Sylvia, John Martyn, Johnny Cash, Fairport Convention, the Byrds, The Carolina … → read more

Paul Robeson film in the Works

English film director, producer, screenwriter and visual artist Steve McQueen, who was the first black director to win Hollywood’s “Best Picture” Oscar last March for his compelling slavery drama 12 Years A Slave, has announced that his next film will tell the story of the legendary African-American actor, singer and … → read more

“Betty and Dupree” – A Digital Compendium, Part 2 – The Classics

Note: this is Part 2 of a two part series.  Read Part 1 here. So, down to the jewelry store packing a gun he said, “Wrap it up, I think I’ll take this one.” “A thousand dollars please,” the jewelry man said. Dupree he said, “I’ll pay this one off … → read more

Delia / Delia’s Gone: A Digital Compendium, 1900 – 1992

Fahm Street, west side. Row houses built around 1850 - Frances Benjamin Johnston, ca. 1939

Note:  This is Part 1 of a two-part series on “Delia’s Gone” – See also Part 2 Introduction – “O, I am fortune’s fool!” I wonder if you’ve seen that ‘meme’ that goes in part like this – “Romeo and Juliet is not a love story.  It’s a three day … → read more

Josephine, pt. 2 – Interview with Adrian Roye

Adrian Roye This is the second installment of two on the song “Josephine” by Adrian Roye, of Adrian Roye and the Exiles. You can read the first post here. Roye was kind enough to do a Skype interview with me earlier this week, which gave us the opportunity to talk … → read more

Belafonte, Scorsese to Produce Mini Series

Martin Scorsese and Harry Belafonte are working together to produce a mini-series about King Leopold II’s brutal reign in the Congo. The project is currently in the early stages of production. While specific details are not yet being divulged, it is speculated that Scorsese and Belafonte are conducting interviews in … → read more


Harry Belafonte: Sing Your Song

          HARRY BELAFONTE Sing Your Song: The Music Sony 93951 www.sonymusic.com   This sixteen-track compilation features some of the multi-talented veteran’s most venerated recordings, from his own Mississippi riverboat-themed tale of “Mark Twain” to a reflective cover of calypso great Lord Burgess’ “Can’t Cross Over,” and … → read more

So died these men as became Athenians

James Chaney’s mother, Fannie Lee Chaney, and his brother, Ben Now, having moved through a discussion of a number of musical responses to the Freedom Summer murders, I’d like to go back to “ThoseThree Are On My Mind,” and think through some distinctions that may help us understand best where … → read more

Those Three Are On My Mind

“Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi)” by Norman Rockwell Freedom Summer Next week, June 21st to be exact, will mark the 48th anniversary of the day that civil rights activists Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman were murdered in Mississippi, as they participated in “Freedom Summer,” an initiative to expand … → read more