Dear [Murder] Balladeer: John Jacob Niles and Forest Mountain Hymnal

We were honored to receive a shout-out recently from Dear Balladeer, a blog run by the folk duo Forest Mountain Hymnal. FMH is the family business of Jonathan and Rebecca Moody, two teachers and artists based in Nashville. The Dear Balladeer project is a year-long musical and literary exploration of The Ballad Book of … → read more

Josephine, pt. 2 – Interview with Adrian Roye

Adrian Roye This is the second installment of two on the song “Josephine” by Adrian Roye, of Adrian Roye and the Exiles. You can read the first post here. Roye was kind enough to do a Skype interview with me earlier this week, which gave us the opportunity to talk … → read more

Lord Ronald aka: Lord Randall

I make no claims to having a deep knowledge of folk music, and even less of the much discussed Child ballads. But ever since Ken introduced me to Murder Ballad Monday, I’ve been trying to find just the right song/moment/excuse to write about one of my favorite “folk” musicians, Alasdair … → read more