Podcast: Should Auld Aquaintence
Episode #15-53 | airing 12-30-15

Let’s ring in the New Year in fashion with some delighful tunes and celebration! LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1553_podcast.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . This episode is brought to you by Terry Kitchen’s Post-American Century Artist / “Title” / CD / Label Pete Seeger / … → read more

Celebrating Christmas on the Radio

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlist for December 20, 2015 Since 1980, I have produced a Christmas radio special on WFDU-FM, a folk music Christmas program. I started doing this show because I had grown tired of hearing the airwaves filled with the same recordings from Bing Crosby, Barbara Streisand and the rest. … → read more

Sing Out!’s Best of 2015

Best of 2015

As we close out 2015, we gather up our thoughts to compile a list of the albums that we, as a staff of writers and editors, feel ought to be commended for their excellence. We recognize that this list is not all-encompassing, which should not be expected, given the enormous … → read more

NERFA 2015

Ron’s Thoughts on the 2015 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference and WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS Playlists for November 29 & December 13, 2015 My radio programs for November 29 and December 10 were filled with exciting new music that I picked up at the 21st annual Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA) … → read more

Podcast: Winter’s Coming
Episode #15-52 | airing 12-23-15

Now, it’s an unseasonably warm December here in Pennsylvania, but I assure you Winter is coming! In the meantime, check out this collection of frosty tunes to get you in the spirit! LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1551_podcast.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . This episode is … → read more

No Harmony, No Foul

Not to sound Santa-monious, but last Christmas Eve, I could swear I heard banjo music coming from the parlor. A few nifty fiddle tunes, the “Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase,” and a hearty rendition of “Jingle Bells.” See, along with cookies and milk, I had left my banjo leaning against the … → read more

Folkfinds: Ludvig O’Rourke’s “Jack Wilson”

  Back to Sweden once again, where something must be in the water. Ludvig O’Rourke is another excellent young Swedish banjo picker and fiddler; he had only been playing banjo for about a year when he made his first pilgrimage to Clifftop in 2014. An early jam there went so … → read more

Podcast: Best of 2015, part 2
Episode #15-51 | airing 12-16-15

This week we conclude our two part feature presenting some of my favorite CDs from the past year. On this week’s program we’ll hear some Traditional Music, some music from England and Scandinavia and finish with a wonderful CD from Senegal. It’s been a very good year for music. LISTEN: … → read more

Folkfinds: Scott Hunter’s “Skyline”

  Oakland CA’s Scott Hunter is a veteran, if adamantly amateur (in the best sense of the word), musician – one who does it for love, relaxation, and enjoyment. Fortunately he shares his pieces online so those of who’ve connected with him can experience those same benefits. His sense of … → read more

Podcast: Best of 2015
Episode #15-50 | airing 12-09-15

Every year thousands of new recordings are released. We get hundreds for The Sing Out! Radio Magazine. We only get to present a very small fraction of them on the show. This week we’ll listen to some of my favorites that we’ve featured on the program and some that fell … → read more