No Harmony, No Foul

Not to sound Santa-monious, but last Christmas Eve, I could swear I heard banjo music coming from the parlor. A few nifty fiddle tunes, the “Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase,” and a hearty rendition of “Jingle Bells.” See, along with cookies and milk, I had left my banjo leaning against the … → read more

Unsung Hero – Simple Gifts

Roger with Clifford "Doc" Williams in 1973

This story is about two old, dear friends. One friend was animated with a touch of fuss and feathers, and so much talent. The other, a tad more wooden; comprised of mother of pearl and abalone inlay, some nickel silver and brass. Both were, exceptional, one-of-a-kind, and somewhat quirky. Taken … → read more

The Old Texas Misstep

Introduction The folks at Frets magazine taught me a valuable lesson back in the 1980s; they taught me that writing can be a dangerous vocation. This is particularly the case in the Lone Star State where I learned that carrying a concealed writing implement might not be unlawful, but could … → read more

Silent Tribute

As if there wasn’t enough on my mind, the big show drew nigh. I arrived at the festival’s motel hospitality suite that August of 1989, dropped off my instruments and went to my car for a backpack. Within minutes, Philadelphia Folk Festival booking committee members Fred Kaiser and Andrew Braunfeld, … → read more

Unfinished Business

The weekend prior to Pete Seeger’s passing at the age of 94, an ironic, and in retrospect, provocative call came from Oscar Brand. This before I had any knowledge of Pete’s illness. “Hello Roger, this is Oscar. I’m calling to remind you, I want you to come over and record … → read more