Creating a Folk Song to Bring a Community Together

& WFDU-FM’s Traditions Playlist for June 28, 2015 Songwriter Peter Mulvey Invites Other Songwriters to Contribute Verses to Honor Memory of Charleston Victims … and Protest the Confederate Flag Charles Seeger, the father of the late Pete Seeger, created the term “folk process” in an attempt to help define exactly … → read more

VARIOUS: Papa Charlie Done Sung That Song

Papa Charlie Papa Charlie Done Sung That Song

          VARIOUS Papa Charlie Done Sung That Song Document 7010   This two-disc set is a one-of-a-kind project for the famed Document reissue label in that it contains material by living musicians (led by vocalist Cary Moskowitz, who also plays various banjos and guitars) paying … → read more


Gretchen Peters Blackbirds

          Gretchen Peters Blackbirds Scarlet Letter 10   Gretchen Peters first moved to Nashville in the 1980s. She has written a long string of some of the best songs from there, often dealing with thorny human issues. “Independence Day” about spousal abuse and a monster … → read more

DAVE VAN RONK: Live In Monterey | Hear Me Howl

             DAVE VAN RONK Live In Monterey Omnivore 83             DAVE VAN RONK Hear Me Howl Rock Beat 3284 On Amazon   The charismatic “Mayor of MacDougal Street,” otherwise known as the avuncular, musical genre-spanning genius Dave Van Ronk, … → read more

Folkfinds: Pepilune’s “Old Joe Clark Est Vraiment Vieux”


Continuing around the world for old time’s sake, Folkfinds visits northern France this week and the quirky band Pepilune. A grassroots outfit, Pepilune busks and shares their music with their community; they also construct and sell awesome handcrafted instruments – cigar box guitars, diddley bows, and banjos – made from … → read more

Podcast: Farewell To The King
Episode #15-26 | airing 6-24-15

Photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin-1977

On this episode we examine the music of BB King, who we lost just a few short weeks ago. We’ll explore his music, the people he played with and the few that covered his tunes. Farewell to the King, on this episode of Sing Out! Radio Magazine. LISTEN: To … → read more

Folkfinds: Jack and Mark Laskey’s “Old Man Can Your Dog Catch A Rabbit”

Our old-timey trip around the world brings us back to the US. With Father’s Day coming up, a reminder that folk music frequently starts in the family comes to us from banjo player Jack Laskey and his dad Mark. Jack can be heard in & around Bloomington IN playing for … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-25: Just for Laughs
(airing the week starting 6-17-15)

Pete Seeger, Photo Copyright Devan Goldstein

Over my 26 year radio career my programs have been described as humorless. They may have a point but… this week we’ll rectify all that. We’ll hear lighthearted tunes from Trout Fishing in America, Loudon Wainwright III, Uncle Dave Macon and of course Arlo Guthrie. Spend an hour tickling your … → read more