Podcast: Woody Guthrie, pt. 2
Episode #16-21 | airing 5-25-16

Woody Guthrie gave us so many wonderful songs and this week we conclude our two part feature focusing some more of these classic songs. We’ll hear some of Woody’s recordings for Alan Lomax at the Library of Congress, selections from several Woody tribute concerts, and artists singing his songs. We’ll … → read more

Podcast: Woody Guthrie, pt. 1
Episode #16-20 | airing 5-18-16

Except perhaps for Bob Dylan no one individual has influenced more folk music performers than Woody Guthrie. And it can be argued that there would be no Bob Dylan had it not been for Woody. The next two weeks we’ll listen to Woody’s music from a variety of sources. Including … → read more

Podcast: The Kids are Alright Pt.1
Episode #16-13 | airing 3-30-16

Many performers received their first inspiration at home. Many dance musicians recall falling asleep on piles of coats at dances and gently rocked to sleep by the melody of the music and the rhythm of the dancers. Songwriters often recall sessions in their homes while the parents and their friends … → read more

Podcast: For Sir George
Episode #16-12 | airing 3-23-16

This week’s episode is dedicated to Sir George Martin. The UK-based producer known best for his work with the Beatles passed way on March 8th 2016. The show features Beatles classics played by the likes of Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Tony Trischka, The Dillards, Bela Fleck, Bruce Cockburn, Jane Lewis … → read more

Never Again: Redemption, Loss, & Wrecks on the Highway (Part 2)

To good and true love fear is forever fixed. — Rabelais This is the second of a two-part look at songs (“Wreck on the Highway” and “Percy’s Song”) about road crashes and their aftermath … Bad News In one of the most memorable sequences in Don’t Look Back, D. A. … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-25: Just for Laughs
(airing the week starting 6-17-15)

Pete Seeger, Photo Copyright Devan Goldstein

Over my 26 year radio career my programs have been described as humorless. They may have a point but… this week we’ll rectify all that. We’ll hear lighthearted tunes from Trout Fishing in America, Loudon Wainwright III, Uncle Dave Macon and of course Arlo Guthrie. Spend an hour tickling your … → read more

Woody at 100 – “Don’t pull that trigger on me!”

So far in our week-long centennial celebration of Woody Guthrie and his murder ballads, we’ve listened to the classic and amusing “Philadelphia Lawyer” and two hard hitting ballads, “Ludlow Massacre” and “1913 Massacre”, which both tell different stories of the murder of striking miners.While the tone of the former is … → read more

Woody at 100 – “See what your greed for money has done.”

We started our centennial celebration week with Woody Guthrie by listening to his “Philadelphia Lawyer”, a classic Country and Western song that he set to the tune of an older murder ballad.  But, despite (or more accurately because of) the murdered lawyer, that song was meant to be funny.  Usually … → read more