Unfinished Business

The weekend prior to Pete Seeger’s passing at the age of 94, an ironic, and in retrospect, provocative call came from Oscar Brand. This before I had any knowledge of Pete’s illness. “Hello Roger, this is Oscar. I’m calling to remind you, I want you to come over and record … → read more

Outside of a Small Circle of Friends

Phil Ochs (1940-1976) Bystanders If you’ve taken a Psych 101 class in the last 40 or 50 years, you’ve probably heard of the Kitty Genovese murder, and the “bystander effect.” The bystander effect theory says that the greater the number of witnesses to a crime, the less likely people are … → read more

Honoring the Past and Carrying Traditions Forward

Back in 1971, the late Harry Chapin created a notable song called “Circle.” Originally written for his brother Tom’s TV show “Make a Wish,” the song has entered our folk canon partially due to the powerful lyrics describing a life as part of an endless cycle with “no straight lines” … → read more

SORM Playlist #14-13: Pushing the Envelope (part 1)
(airing the week starting 03-26-14)

This week we begin a two-part feature focusing on players who go beyond the tradition creating music in an entirely new tradition. As Charles Ives said “Stretch your Ears!” LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1413.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . Artist / “Title” / CD / … → read more

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS playlist for March 23, 2014

WFDU-FM’s TRADITIONS  Playlist for March 23, 2014    HOST:    Ron Olesko  Today’s show was dedicated to my mail carrier, for her dedication in delivering stacks of exceptional CDs in recent weeks! A few new and noteworthy CDs that stood out – Garnet Rogers – Summers End (Snow Goose), Vance Gilbert – … → read more

Independence Day

Martina McBride Prologue – “Hell is for Children” Pat Benatar gave my sister and me a pass, so to speak, on the normal rules of appropriate language for children–at least the rules in our house, or more specifically, our car. Singing along with the radio in the car was a … → read more

Two New Blogs Added to Sing Out!

We’re pleased to announce some great additions to the Sing Out! “online content” family! We’ve been exploring ways to build more traffic and activity on our site, adding useful archival material (like the only Broadsides and People’s Songs collections that have already been added to our pages) … and today … → read more

Welcome to the “New” Folk Music Notebook

Ron Olesko onstage at the Hurdy Gurdy 2013

“We propose to devote ourselves to the creation, growth and distribution of something new, yet not so new, since its beginnings have been visible, or rather – audible, for some years now. We call it ‘Peoples Music’ “ Those words were printed on page 2 of the very first issue … → read more

SORM Playlist #14-12: Play Ball!
(airing the week starting 03-19-14)

Baseball season is upon us … so here’s a set celebrating the great American pastime! LISTEN: https://singout.org/audio/sorm/sorm1412.mp3 To subscribe via iTunes, click .  |   To listen using Stitcher, click . Artist / “Title” / CD / Label Pete Seeger / “If I Had A Hammer” / Songs Of Hope And … → read more

New and Noteworthy (3-17-2014)

Ron recommends: Tattletale Saints, Donal Clancy and Vance Gilbert When you are a folk DJ, every day is Christmas. Just ask my postal carrier who delivers stacks of packages to my home each week (good thing she listens to the show!) Inside each package is a “gift” of a newly released CD … → read more