Podcast: Cajun Dissection
Episode #15-31 | airing 7-29-15

Flag of Acadiana

This week we conclude our time in Louisiana with a trip to the Canadian Maritimes and Northern Ontario-the ancestral home of Cajun music. We’ll hear some classic and contemporary Cajun music from the prairies including the Balfa Brothers, Beau Soleil and The Savoy Family Band. Then we’ll finish up with … → read more

THE BAND COURTBOUILLON: The Band Courtbouillon

The Band Courtboullion: The Band Courtboullion

        THE BAND COURTBOUILLON The Band Courtbouillon Valcour 0016 www.valcourrecords.com   It doesn’t get much better than this for fans of that dance music-oriented Cajun sound that emerged from the steamy swamplands of South West Louisiana (one of the last outposts of native American folk music) in … → read more