Podcast: For Chuck, pt 2
Episode #17-15 | airing 4-12-17

As with last week’s edition of The Sing Out! Radio Magazine we’re focusing our attention on Chuck Berry in this program of covers and tunes by Mr. Berry. We lost Chuck on March 18th. As I mentioned last week that my plan of doing a program comprised entirely of Chuck … → read more

Legend and Outlaw: Jesse James and the Ballad Tradition

Legends Among a few adults who spooked me when I was a girl (my school bus driver, who kept a bottle in a brown bag beneath his seat; a guy at the car wash who sometimes shut the system down when we were in the middle of a soap cycle), … → read more

LOST LEADERS: Lost Leaders

Lost Leaders

        LOST LEADERS Lost Leaders Lost Leaders www.lostleaders.net   Lost Leaders is a trio of Byron Isaacs, Peter Cole and Justin Guip. Isaacs and Cole split the songwriting almost evenly on the set’s ten songs. Guip is engineer. Isaacs, a veteran of Ollabelle and assorted other projects … → read more