Podcast: Fleet Fingers Pt. 2 The Americans
Episode #17-02 | airing 1-11-17

This week we continue our feature Fleet Fingers and examine American Fingerstyle Guitarists. American players take their influence from the Blues players but put the emphasis on softening the melodic quality of their playing while still using many of the components of the Blues. We’ll hear Merle Travis, John Fahey, … → read more

Podcast: It Takes Two
Episode #16-34 | airing 8-24-16

One of the most durable combinations in folf music is the duo. Join me this week and next as we hear classic and more recent combinations of singers and instrumentalists including Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott, Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards, Ian & Sylvia and many more. This week I’ve … → read more

LARRY CAMPBELL and TERESA WILLIAMS: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

          LARRY CAMPBELL and TERESA WILLIAMS Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams Red House 285 www.redhouserecords.com   Larry Campbell has been brightening albums and tours with his brilliance on guitar and mandolin and on records production for ages. In recent times, Larry and his wife Teresa Williams … → read more