Folkfinds: Juan Cordero’s “Julie Ann Johnson”

Sonora, Mexico’s Juan Cordero grew up playing ranchero music, pop music and anything else that piqued his fancy. On becoming a dad, his fancy turned to American children’s songs and thereafter to the old-time music that was the source of many of those songs. He’s only been playing banjo since … → read more

Folkfinds: Helber Sisters’ “Where The Old Red River Flows”

Helber Sisters

If you’ve been reading Sing Out!’s Facebook page or website, you know we continue to emphasize our historic focus of bringing people together through song. This week’s folkfinds pick nods to Community Sings with a pick from The Helber Sisters. Family is the original community, and Vicki and Alice Helber … → read more

Folkfinds: The Hare and the Moon’s “Long Lankin”

The UK’s experimental duo The Hare and The Moon calls its music ‘spook folk,’ and as it’s October already we figure it’s a good time to highlight their page. The descriptor is certainly accurate as their music is clearly traditional or traditional-derived, yet ethereal and infused with ominous and foreboding … → read more

Folkfinds: Hank Tilbury’s “In The Artificial Mountains”

Hank Tilbury

Hank Tilbury is a musical renaissance man, a wickedly talented multi-instrumentalist with eclectic interests and output. His work runs the gamut from the old-timey to the experimental, frequently in the same piece, and the same is true of his choice and use of instruments. This set features Hank doing multi-track … → read more