Folkfinds: Scott Hunter’s “Skyline”

  Oakland CA’s Scott Hunter is a veteran, if adamantly amateur (in the best sense of the word), musician – one who does it for love, relaxation, and enjoyment. Fortunately he shares his pieces online so those of who’ve connected with him can experience those same benefits. His sense of … → read more

Folkfinds: William Csorba’s “Up From Columbus”

William Csorba

  It’s been a while since we visited any fingerstyle guitarists, so today we introduce William Csorba of Houston. Will is a prolific young Texan of the resurgent American Primitive guitar school, already several albums and EPs deep. His work takes a cinematic approach to the discipline, frequently guiding the … → read more

Folkfinds: AnTara’s “I Have A House Of My Own With A Chimney Built On Top Of It”


  With a Sanskrit name meaning ‘the space between’ while also recalling one of Ireland’s most ancient spots, it’s no surprise that AnTara seeks to apply multiple layers of significance to their music. Sarod player Mattu Noone and percussionist Tommy Hayes form the core, creating a contemporary Irish music by … → read more

Folkfinds: Willi Goehring’s “Up The Hill”

Will Goehring

  Willi Goehring, originally from Illinois, moved to Fayetteville to pursue an MFA in Poetry and emerged as something of an Ozarks renaissance folklorist. Musically, he’s a a multi-instrumentalist well-grounded in old-time, and a tour through his Soundcloud page yields drunken late night square dances, vaudeville patter, and virtuoso performances … → read more

Folkfinds: Harriers of Discord and Mark A Pierce’s “Gold Watch and Chain”

  This week’s duet is a first-time collaboration between Mark Pierce of North East England and Californian Aimee Oliver. Mark is a folk hobbyist with a keen ear for American old-time and British traditional music; Aimee, as Harriers of Discord, frequently mines the fertile valley where surf rock intersects with … → read more

Folkfinds: Swamp Lightning’s “Carved In Stone”

Swamp Lightning

  Swamp Lightning, yet another terrific duo, is one of a handful of acts trying to make a thoroughly contemporary interpretation of American folk & traditional music. Drew Ford and Angel Attew have a delightfully expansive view of what constitutes folk, however, and do their best to mash as many … → read more

Folkfinds: Sami and Sarah’s “Got You, Banjolele”

Our selection this week brings you another male-female duo with a strong interest in vintage music and quirky, charming intrumentation. Sami & Sarah are part of the Brooklyn roots music scene and draw from eclectic sources ranging from the Great American Songbooks to old-time to Latin string bands, infusing all … → read more

Folkfinds: Jesper Deleuran’s “Pretty Saro”

Jesper Deleuran

Folkfinds has hit Scandinavian old-time before, but our visit to Jesper Deleuran marks our first time in Denmark. Jesper is an old-time enthusiast with a command of several instruments, an eclectic repertoire of traditional American songs, and a voice that is warm and husky, familiar on first listen and consistently … → read more