Conversations with Death – 4 – “Black Lung”

A little less than a year ago we started a new series within Murder Ballad Monday called “Conversations with Death.”  These brief, emotional posts allow us to explore songs that resonate for us in ways we find typical of our genre of choice, but that deal with mortality outside of the context of … → read more

Guns are the Tongues, pt 2: “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me”

“I think there are shades of political songs; some are more subtle and can be more effective for being subtle, for being more metaphorical. I’ve written a lot of songs like that, where it’s not really clear if it’s a war song or a relationship song. The metaphor can be … → read more

Conversations with Death – 1 – “Oh, Death”

Introduction We here at Murder Ballad Monday would love every week to bring you a fully researched ‘deep dive’ into a particular ballad, but time doesn’t always allow for that, given that we don’t make a penny from this work.  Honestly, I think we’re better for it.   Keeping it … → read more