VARIOUS ARTISTS: Through the Streets of the City: New Orleans Brass Bands

New Orleans Brass Bands

          VARIOUS ARTISTS Through The Streets of the City: New Orleans Brass Bands Smithsonian/Folkways 40212   As well known as the brass band is as a musical symbol of New Orleans, there’s no question that its history is under-documented. Released February 10th as an installment … → read more

SORM Playlist #15-06: Brass ‘n Woods in Folk Music
(airing the week starting 2-04-15)

Generally when you think of folk music brass and woodwinds don’t easily come to mind. However, there are some very talented players and bands that have used brass and woodwind instruments to great advantage. Sometimes it’s just for instrumental color but at times they drive the tune. We’ll hear selections … → read more


Dustbowl Revival: Carry Me Home

          THE DUSTBOWL REVIVAL Carry Me Home Dustbowl Revival   Expanding steadily from a string band fronted by lead singer and songwriter/arranger Zach Lupetin that began by playing up and down the West Coast a few years ago, the aptly-named, Los Angeles-based Dustbowl Revival  is … → read more