“Won’t You Come and Sing for Me?” – CwD 9

“I feel the shadows now upon me…” I remember driving to Mt. Greylock with Pat one time, telling him about a singer I had just discovered. I said she had the kind of voice I’d like to hear on my deathbed. This meant something to me more than just that … → read more

I’m looking for my fortune and it ain’t in Illinois

Pancho’s Stepchildren“Pancho and Lefty” has been a foray into a more Western genre of murder ballad, building on Pat’s discussion of “Jack Straw,” I suppose.  The Wikipedia entry on murder ballads cites Olive Burt’s 1958 article, “The Minstrelsy of Murder,” which noted that the American West put a distinctive mark on … → read more

They would lay Jesus Christ in his grave

Woody Guthrie Working Class Hero Less graphically than “On a Hill Lone and Gray,” Woody Guthrie provides his own rendering of the Jesus story.  In this one, the multitude is still implicated, but in a slightly different way; and, the Jesus depicted is decidedly human, a working man of the … → read more