If killing anybody is a terrible crime … Part 2.

Lord Goddard, Lord Chief Justice of England 1946 – 1958 In the first part of this week’s blog we followed two young teenage boys, Christopher Craig, aged 16, and Derek Bentley, aged 19, as they were surrounded by the police after being spotted breaking into a warehouse in Croydon, London. … → read more

Banjo Rolls Trainer App for Apple Devices

Banjo Rolls Trainer App

Czech banjo player Jiri Markalous wanted a better way to practice banjo. He was suffering from the monotony of the metronome; sitting in front of a metronome for hours was simply a pain. It’s a common complaint among average musicians. However, Jiri is not an average musician, he’s also a … → read more

Woody Guthrie Tribute on PBS

Throughout the month of June, PBS stations around the country will be airing Woody Guthrie at 100! Live at the Kennedy Center. The concert was the culmination of the Woody Guthrie Foundation’s year-long centennial celebration that traveled from “California to the New York Island.” The concert took place on October … → read more

If killing anybody is a terrible crime … Part One.

Mr Elvis Costello This week’s post, indeed the 200th of this blog, comes mainly from Mr Elvis Costello and a song from his album Spike in 1989. The song, which will be revealed in a second, seeks to address a wrong, an injustice. The song, angry, contemptuous, and damning of those … → read more